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January, 2014

Benjamin Franklin
THAT Benjamin Franklin!

Franklin Facts:

Born:  January 6, 1706
Died:   April 17, 1790
Country:  America

Franklin Trivia:

Ben Franklin really was the "Steve Jobs" of his time!

Franklin was an author, mathematician, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman, oceanographer, meteorologist,  diplomat and chess player.

Franklin's musical accomplishments: invented a musical instrument called the glass "armonica" (see it in the video in the center column); composed one string quartet (or did he?) wrote a musical treatise; played harp, violin and guitar; and invented a 4-sided music stand.

As an inventor, Franklin invented the lightning rod, a carriage odometer, the Franklin stove, and bifocal glasses.

Franklin is also well-known for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity.  (Anyone want to go fly a kite?)



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Happy Birthday

January 6th
Benjamin Franklin
(Our Composer of the Month)

Other Musical Composers with birthdays
in January:

  January 4th
Giovanni Pergolesi
1710-1736, Italian composer.

January 7th
Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc
1899-1963, French composer and our January, 2008, Composer of The Month..

January 8th
Lowell Mason
1792–1872, American hymn composer.

January 24th
Norman Dello Joio
1913-2008, American composer.

January 27th
Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfangus Theophilus Gottlieb Amadeus Mozart
1756-1791, Austrian composer and our January, 2007, Composer of The Month.

January 31st
Philip Glass
1937-, American composer.

  January 31st
Franz Peter Schubert
1797-1828, Austrian composer and our January, 2008, Composer of The Month..

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