Other Composers

Besides our Composers of the Month, these composers have made great contributions to the musical world.

Sir Edward Elgar

Elgar Facts:

Born:  June 2, 1857
Died: February 23, 1934
Country: Britain

Elgar Trivia:

Elgar's father was a piano teacher and music dealer.

Elgar received no formal musical training.

Elgar once played violin in an asylum (supposedly to soothe the patients) to help support himself.

Elgar's greatest musical achievements occurred only during the time of his marriage which ended with the death of his wife, Alice Roberts, in 1920.

In America, Elgar's best known musical composition is Pomp and Circumstance Marches 1 through 4; in particular, March #1 is often used at school graduations.

(This profile can also be found on the Pomp and Circumstance page found HERE.)

Hisaishi Facts:

Born:  December 6, 1950

Country: Japan

Hisaishi Trivia:

Hisaishi wrote the piano piece entitled "Summer" for the movie "Kikujiro."

Joe Hisaishi's real name is Mamoru Fujisawa.

Mr. Hisaishi has written over 100 film scores and albums.

Hisaishi's first musical instrument was the violin which he started to play at the age of 5.

Here is Joe Hisaishi playing his composition "Summer." (Press play to hear.)

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